Rather a dire prediction but what about the benefits?

It’s the little things that have changed, bit by bit. At work, I find myself using Excel in a very different way to how I used to; Pivot tables and vlookups are so much easier to use, set up and adjust. This is more to do with how well the program has advanced and the visual aids that go with it. And that one example within MS Office that has enhanced my life.

Equally, I’m happy that my smart phone tracks my location to give me ideas of what is around me. My watch also tracks my steps, and notifies me of calendar events that I have set up on my phone. My office phone is connected to my diary and notifies users locally and via Skype when I’m in a meeting.

I’m actually allowing the robots to enhance my life at work, and at home.

In fact, I would suggest that while I can work in harmony with the robots, I’m happy to let them take over a large part of what I do, and to remove the repetitive elements of my life. Allowing me to do the human thing of thinking of ways to make things even better.

Personally speaking, so far it feels like a massive benefit, but will it always be like that?