"Full Fibre is not just faster, more reliable and future-proof, it can also help you be more energy efficient"

Seems an odd statement doesn't it?  How can the use of a faster internet connection save energy and reduce carbon emissions?

When you think about how much energy we use when we are online, it starts to add up - our devices need power; our homes, offices and the data servers that process and store our back-ups all need power, temperature control, and lighting.

Openreach research says that sending only 20 emails a day, over a year, creates the same CO2 emissions as a car travelling 1,000km. 

Full Fibre means data can be backed up securely and archived off-site so as not to rely on costly, ageing servers taking up expensive office space.  It means a reduction in the number of live exchanges using power and it means you can have business quality internet at home to allow for successful flexible working.

With more consumers and stakeholders making buying decisions based on ethical reputation, Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming a more prominent value within the Corporate world, with big companies such as Microsoft, Sony and Cannon being famous for their corporate responsibility strategies.  

Whether or not you have started looking at your CSR goals for 2022, you can begin to make changes by getting some quick wins under your belt, here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • Remote working once or twice a week to save on commuting, make your business more accessible and increase diversity
  • Use video calling for your group and one to one meetings
  • 5G mobile backup devices can replace additional broadband lines
  • Kitting your staff out with the correct tools to ensure they can work effectively
  • Full-fibre connections for your office and home workers
  • Finally, think about the number of unnecessary emails you may send per day, and maybe reconsider those single emoji replies in the future

Whichever change you may wish to take, 2 Circles can help with quick CSR wins thanks to our full-fibre range, 5G backup mobile SIMs and Teams Solutions.  Contact us now at info@2circles.com or 03456 200 200.