Everything you do within your business revolves around your communications solution.  Each conversation you have, order you place, email you send, and meeting or conference you hold, relies on the technology within your business.  How would it affect your business if this system failed, even for one day?

Many of us choose to work with a Service Provider, instead of keeping the management of our technology in-house. Though when working with a third party, you are heavily reliant on the success of their service, after all, if their services fail, it is you who becomes unreachable to your customers, resulting in a potential loss of business and trust.

You need a solution you can trust.  More importantly, you need a Service Provider you can trust. 

Five reasons you can trust SCG

1:  Trustpilot rating

Customer reviews play an important part in making a decision on whom to buy from or which provider to work with; we all want to know that someone out there has gone through an experience like ours, and come out the other side happier and more successful. Every month, people share over 3 million reviews on Trustpilot to help each other find great companies and make better buying decisions. Trustpilot has earned the right to its name with over 111 million reviews and over a decade of experience!

SCG’s 4.9* Trustpilot rating, across more than 1,300 reviews, showcases our skills and expertise to offer advice and recommendations, all supported by the highest level of customer service.

2:  We understand your business

Nobody values the success of your business more than you do, but working alongside a Service Provider, like SCG, can offer you an ally in the world of communications. 

We will assign you your own member of our award-winning Account Management team, who make it their purpose to understand your business and the part communication plays in it.  They are one voice and one port of call for any queries you have.  We also understand that issues are not limited to a 9-5 time period too, so we provide you with an out-of-hour support team, for any faults or lost or stolen mobile phone issues.

3:  We do the hard work for you

When you are focused on your business-as-usual tasks, reporting faults directly to your network can lead to lengthy periods of time spent on hold, or being transferred between departments.  Factor in the likelihood that you have multiple vendors managing different aspects of your communications and those call volumes have multiplied.  Do you have this time to spare?

The same can be said for contract renewals; we all want to know that we are getting the best price, from the best network, but research and obtaining pricing proposals from various networks is time-consuming.

When you work with SCG, you have someone who can take that pain away

We work with multiple networks, across our extensive suite of services, meaning we can provide you with a truly end-to-end solution while researching the best deals in the market.  If something fails, you just need to make one call and we will do the rest.

4:  A Robust and Experienced Company

Deciding whether to trust a company with the fate of your own can come down to the amount of experience they have. An experienced Service Provider has a greater understanding of how the industry works, has seen the pitfalls and successes of technology and adapted solutions to offer increased levels of support.

As SCG, we hold over 50 years of experience in the telecommunications industry across multiple verticals, including education, healthcare, and construction.  Our experience has given us great insight into what our customers and partners need.

We have created our own suite of Assured Services, designed to help protect you in the event that the unexpected happens.

We have adopted our very own Hosted platform, Evonex, giving us direct access to skilled engineers and putting us in the driving seat when it comes to product evolution, this makes us the ideal candidate to manage your Cloud services and guide your journey on the path to success.

5:  Access to the latest technology

With the rapid evolution of technology, the landscape of telecommunications is wider than ever before. How can you know if the solutions you have in place are providing your business with the full breadth of productivity and efficiency that modern technology is capable of?

You can hire people to manage this of course, but this comes at an additional cost to your business. 

As we discussed earlier, when you work with SCG, you are giving yourself not only access to experts in the field of telecoms but the opportunity to have someone take a consultative approach.  They will work with you to understand what you are trying to achieve and seek the latest tech that can help you reach this. 

SCG has been an expert in bringing people and technology together, for over 50 years now, helping create change for the better.  Contact one of our solution specialists now and you can Be More Secure in the knowledge that whatever your business needs, SCG has the experience and know-how to help optimise the ways in which you communicate.  This will enable you to achieve greater heights of efficiency and productivity.