A recent study shows UK businesses have lost over £6.2 million to cyber scams over the past year – with a 31% increase in cases during the height of the pandemic (May-June 2020). 

As more employees continue working from home post-pandemic, it's important to be cautious of the increased cybercrime targeting both individuals and businesses.

Traditionally cybersecurity has primarily focused on protecting a business's desktops and laptops, however, the rise in remote working has meant smartphones have become more appealing and convenient for businesses to use. Because of this smartphone cybersecurity can be largely overlooked, leaving the devices vulnerable to cybercrime.

How can you protect your business?

4 mobile cyber threats to be aware of:

  1. SMSishing (similar to email Phishing but targets text messaging) - check the sender of text messages and don't click on any links.
  2. Fake Wi-Fi networks - fake wifi networks look like authentic networks but allow cybercriminals to access your smartphone. Look for password-protected networks, and enter an incorrect password to confirm you're not allowed access with an incorrect password, if you're still able to access it this would indicate a fraudulent network.
  3. Fake apps - pay attention to app reviews and the number of app downloads
  4. Greyware (spyware that can infiltrate devices through an app) - keep your smartphone software up to date to help prevent greyware susceptibility and staying cautious of apps that are downloaded. 

We offer a range of security solutions that keep your devices in safe hands, from our Mobile Device Management solutions to Meraki security solutions for network protection and malware prevention.

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