As the UK population gets vaccinated and we prepare for the Government's Covid-19 Roadmap rollout, many business leaders are faced with complicated decisions on how to manage their employees' return to the office. Not only are there operational challenges such as making physical changes to the office setup, but employers must also consider how to promote confidence at an individual level for the many people who will undoubtedly face anxiety at the thought of returning to the office.

Regardless of whether you are planning a hybrid model of remote and office working or if you are moving to a predominantly remote-working strategy, the chances are that most businesses will still maintain an office hub in some capacity. It is also important not to overlook the many businesses for whom remote working is simply not an option.

In addition to all the social distancing measures we've taken at 2 Circles, we have also implemented twice-weekly Covid-19 testing as part of our dedication to keeping everyone safe. The whole team received some wonderful socially distanced training from our HR team to ensure that we all know what we are doing with our antigen tests. We were all given a stash of tests to take home so that we can test before we enter the office every Monday and Thursday morning.

The real icing on the cake though has been the adoption of within the business. Every time we take a test we simply upload the results into our individual accounts on the app. In addition, allows us to keep a log of who has been in the office at any time/day and some subtle thermal scanners mean that nobody can enter the office if they have a raised temperature. Our HR Team has full visibility of everyone's temperature and the details of their antigen tests, which can also easily be uploaded to the NHS' results reporting.

We have found that the measures we have taken to keep our staff safe have resulted in nearly all members of the team electing to return to the office. While we look forward to a time we can get the whole company together for a celebration or gather together around a single desk for a quick brainstorm, it is wonderful to be able to see one another face to face to collaborate and share ideas. Being back in the office has given company morale an energy boost and it has been lovely to see everyone catching up.

Whether you are choosing to return to the office completely, partly, or not at all, 2 Circles can help you to work efficiently with a communications solution tailored to your unique company requirements. Contact us on 03456 200 200 or to find out more.