Engineering appointments

In March, we were advised on questions that should be checked before booking an engineering appointment. It is recommended that these types of questions continue to be asked:

  1. Has anyone in the premises been diagnosed with COVID-19?, been asked to self-isolate, or has travelled to a Coronavirus high-risk area or country in the last 14 days?
  2. Has anyone in the premises been suffering from COVID-19 symptoms (such as loss of taste, a temperature, or a persistent cough)?

The engineer may also ask the above questions on arrival. Should you confirm 'yes' to these questions, then the engineer will not enter the premises and the job will be reappointed for four weeks later.

If the answer to the above questions is 'no', the engineer will enter your premises taking additional precautions (such as asking individuals to vacate to another room).

If you or an engineer tests positive

Despite the precautionary measures being taken, an engineer or end-user may subsequently become aware that they are COVID-19 positive following the engineering appointment.

If this happens, Openreach has been instructed to contact NHS Test and Trace directly with the contact details of any impacted end-users, where they are informed that an engineer has tested positive. They will only provide the information to the NHS Test and Trace in line with government guidelines.

Consequently, in addition to the engineering questions, it may also be necessary for your contact information to be shared with NHS Test & Trace.

Please be aware that there may be longer lead times on engineer visits than normal, particularly with faults, due to the increased logistics.

As lockdown ends in December and we receive further information on Local Restrictions across the UK, we will ensure we keep our customers up to date.

Is there any work an engineer will not be able to complete during lockdown?

Engineers will only be entering premises to provision orders working up to the master socket, or where an end customer has a Total Loss of Service requiring repair. Engineers will not be accepting orders to move a master socket during lockdown.

Please do not hesitate to contact 03456 200 200 or should you require any information on your account.