I heard an interesting story the other day from a friend who was trying to book a family holiday. Pleasing to my ears was the family's wish list of the old fashioned things; fun, sports, games, pool... The father said that he was pleasantly surprised that they had not demanded "Wi-Fi". It was at this point the 15 year old of the family piped up; "Why would there not be Wi-Fi, you and mum said that there has to be sun!?".

The point being that Connectivity on holiday is no longer a request, or a requirement, it is an expectation! I see the connected car going the same way, and quickly. You might not be aware of it today, however, it will be equally requested, required and expected in the years to come.

I am excited to be at the cutting edge of this service and technology and to be able to facilitate and help shape the connected car and IoT of tomorrow.