What has Tequila and Tacos got to do with WiFi and 4G Calling? Well it may be a bit tenuous but bear with me...

I was recently lucky enough to attend a most fantastic charity event. We gathered together a group of fun-loving people and were offered a superb talk on Tequila, (the good stuff, not the one that you slam back and regret the next day). There was a Burrito van offering the most wonderful food, 500+ pints from a local brewery and a marquee full of tequila, oh yes and a rodeo bull and a bungee run inflatable, all in the name of Charity - what could possibly go wrong?

Not much; the event was a huge success and raised large amounts of money for a very valuable cause. And as we looked out at the beautiful view from the stunning rural host location, you could almost excuse all the mobile networks for having such limited coverage; some even said that it was refreshing. I, however, got on my high horse (rodeo bull) and explained that there was no excuse as WiFi calling was available and that on my phone (on the O2 network), I could even pick up the host's WiFi. So, after negotiating the WiFi access (I am sure that you can imagine the challenge: one Tequila, two Tequila, Three Tequila - FLOOR! Well, we had three Tequilas to taste in the official tasting!), I was finally on the WiFi and smug that I had enlightened the group. I exclaimed, "WiFi and 4G calling is here - see!". My reward was a Tequila - FLOOR!

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve switched on WiFi and 4G Calling, giving our customers yet another way to stay connected with O2.

The service is currently available on O2 for iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus and SE. It’s also available on Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge and Sony Xperia XZ Premium devices that are using the O2 firmware variant.

What is WiFi and 4G Calling?

WiFi Calling uses any available WiFi connection to help you make and receive calls. It’s perfect for when customers don’t have a phone signal but do have a WiFi connection e.g. O2 WiFi, home or office broadband. Although the free TU Go app offers O2 customers the ability to make calls over WiFi, WiFi Calling means no app is needed - just dial a number as normal.

4G Calling means customers can make high-definition calls over the O2 4G network. This can bring benefits like better quality voice calls, a faster call set-up, better indoor coverage and longer battery life. It also means customers can make a 4G call and get online using 4G at the same time.

WiFi and 4G Calling also work together, meaning a call made over WiFi will continue over 4G seamlessly if your customer loses their wifi signal and they’re in a 4G Calling supported area. And however they make the call, a minute is a minute – there are no extra charges from O2. 4G calls won’t use a customer’s data allowance.

Customers can use WiFi Calling wherever there’s WiFi coverage. 4G Calling is currently available in Belfast, Bradford, Coventry, Edinburgh, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield and Slough. More cities will be added in the coming months until O2 reach national coverage wherever they currently have 4G data service.