Business communications have become more than just a simple telephone call or having an internet connection for website browsing, evolving into handling almost every way in which you communicate within your company. Order placement, website management, and customer comms are all completed online. Supplier and customer engagement are rarely in person, with meetings held over the phone, or via video conference. Systems are now so complex that we can create an office space at home or even in a café, with minimal disruption to service.

With your systems becoming such a key factor in how you now do business, if they fail, even just for one day – what impact would this have on you and your business?

At SCG, we have been bringing people and technology together for over 50 years, and as such, we truly understand the importance of your decision when choosing a service provider or solution to invest in. 

How can our brand values help you feel More Secure?

SCG Together is formed by the coming together of 2 Circles, NSN (New Star Networks), and Hello Telecom, under the Southern Communications Group (SCG). With a combined experience of over 100 years in the telecommunications industry, we have constantly evolved to maintain our position as industry leaders in the supply and implementation of the latest communications solutions.

Our customer reach has expanded, increasing our specialisation in various verticals, specifically education, healthcare, and construction. As SCG, our focus is primarily on people and businesses and aligning the best communications solution available for their requirements.

We make it our commitment to ensure you and your business feel More Secure when using our solutions. We guarantee to deliver a level of service and trust to each and everybody, wherever you see our Cloud outline attached to a group company. Our trademarked Cloud outline now extends the SCG service-assured product range further than ever before. 

How do our Assured Services put you at ease?

Assured services have been created from our experience with customers. We have seen first-hand the pitfalls in the repair process, and the struggles customers have when it comes to diagnosing different areas of their telephone system and local area networks. Witnessing the unexpected scenarios and how they affect the day-to-day running of our customers’ businesses has shown that we often do not appreciate the value of something until we need it.

Our Service Assured products provide peace of mind; they provide cover for unforeseen charges; help speed up repair processes and protect our customers from fraud attempts.

Gov UK found 39% of UK businesses have been victims of cyberattacks. With this being such a common occurrence, SCG Together has VoIP Safe and Voice Safe in place to keep you covered.

Our Voice Safe service is here to protect you from charges of up to £10,000 that could be racked up by fraudsters. One SCG customer experienced intermittent attacks at a time when their power was down. Once power was restored it was established that the hacker had run up a bill of over £6,000; had our customer not had Voice Safe in place they would have been liable for full payment.

As a business it’s common to have several different providers, supplying you with broadband, IT support, cabling, and phone systems. When faults arise, however, this can leave you in the vulnerable position of not knowing whom to contact first. We created Service Protect to bridge the gap between you and your vendors. Service Protect provides you with one multifunctional engineer who will work cooperatively with your suppliers to diagnose and pinpoint where the fault lies. Bringing in an engineer of this type not only speeds up the process of repair to get your business back online but takes the stress off your shoulders.

Having established our commitment to providing excellent customer service combined with the variety of protection our assured services offer, you can Be Secure in the knowledge that if the unexpected happens, SCG has got you covered.

Contact one of our Customer Experience Managers to discuss how we can support your business today - call us at 0800 470 0007 or email to get yourself connected.