Is your limited online reach causing you to lose business to your competitors? A staggering 90% of local searches are now completed online. As over three-quarters of these searches result in action being taken within 24 hours, gaining a robust presence online is essential when broadening your reach and customer communication.

Due to the numerous choices when promoting your business online, the process can seem both challenging and time-consuming. To help you enhance your potential for online success, we’ve put together some advice you can use today.

The link between online visibility and increased business

Maintaining your business’s virtual information is critical since search engines are now the preferred way to check business hours and reviews. If you fail to fill in the information, or what you list is outdated, it can cost your customers.

With so much competition in the online space, if your presence isn’t strong as other businesses, you’ll soon find yourself falling behind and have an even harder job to catch up. Potential customers cannot be expected to purchase from you if they cannot easily find you on the web.

By adding information that may only seem minor, such as opening hours, you can make enough of a difference to stand out as a business and gain more customers.

What can I do to bolster my online presence and generate more success?

The starting point is normally to create a website. Designed to appeal specifically to your target market, a website functions as a storefront in digital format. With the increased availability of cost-effective web design services, it’s never been a better time to create your own website and increase your online potential.

Ensuring your website is optimised will raise your business above competitors, boosting your visibility and reach as you are spotted first. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) consistency will increase monthly traffic, consequently leading to more customers. It’s worth investigating options to improve your online rankings further, such as employing an internal or outsourced marketer.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are another effective way to enhance your online presence. A hugely powerful tool to boost your business, creating an account is simple and fast, not to mention free. Google reports that 58% of the population uses it on average two hours a day, so this is a huge captive audience.

How SCG can accelerate your online success

Although keeping your business listings up to date on numerous platforms can be a lot to take on, it’s a huge part of both maintaining your customer base and expanding it. As countless small and medium-sized enterprises list themselves on over 70 websites, competition is high.

Web Listings is the perfect solution. It provides an easy-to-use platform that not only enables you to promote and modify your online information but also synchronises it automatically across more than 50 digital channels at the touch of a button.

Now you can see the route customers took to find you, with real-time statistics showing how often your links and telephone number were clicked, and how often your location was viewed on search results. Web Listings goes further than just analytics, however. It will offer insights into your business listings performance and suggestions to improve them for greater success. This combination of feedback and reporting on changes you make as a result is the perfect way to grow your customer base.

Start using Web Listings now to monitor and improve your online visibility, empowering your business to generate more success. Be More Visible, Do More Business and Be More Connected with your customers than ever before.

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