The UK telecoms regulator is warning the public not to trust caller ID on their phones as it tries to help stop people becoming victims of fraud. Fraudsters are increasingly changing their caller ID to disguise their identity, known as number spoofing.

Ofcom describes number spoofing as people who deliberately change the telephone number and the name that is relayed as the Caller ID information. Frequently involving fraudsters posing as the victim's bank, this type of deception costs the economy up to £190bn each year.

Number spoofing is a global problem with different countries tackling the problem in different ways. Although the UK has some catching up to do in solving the issue, experts are confident that the roll out of VoIP, as part of The Great British Switch Off, will help us work towards a permanent solution to this problem.

Ofcom has published more information about number spoofing and how to protect yourself. To find out more about The Great British Switch Off and the benefits of VoIP, please contact us on 03456 200200 or