Innovative new technology Boosty allows you to boost the reliability of your broadband by connecting to your phone's 3G/4G data if your broadband fails.

We all know what the consequences of a network outage can be on a business so it is great news that this fantastic new product, Boosty can give you the reliability of a backup line at a fraction of the cost by providing you with a fail-over without the huge monthly cost of a backup broadband line. 

All you need is a Boosty Device plugged into the back of your router and a smartphone app.  If your broadband fails it switches over automatically (just like a fail-over broadband line) to your phone's 3G/4G and then switches back when the broadband is back up and running. Simple!

Although there is currently a nationwide gigabit broadband voucher scheme running, not everyone has access to high-speed broadband. Boosty can help by increasing your broadband speed by bonding a broadband connection with a mobile broadband connection.  Normally you would have two ADSL lines that are bonded together via a virtual IP, but Boosty does away with the second line using your mobile data from your smartphone instead.