The multiple lockdowns our country has been through have forced us to change many of our habits, and have been the catalyst for many new trends.

One of these trends is the rise in a new kind of entrepreneur: the mobilepreneur.

A mobilepreneur is someone that markets their business using a mobile device, such as their smartphone.  Since more people in the world have a smartphone than a toothbrush, the potential for this is huge.

  • O2 Business reveals rise in next generation of entrepreneurs, as 33% of Brits aged 18-24 are likely to give up their job or full-time education to focus on selling products on smartphone apps
  • A year of stay-at-home orders has fueled entrepreneurial spirits, with 67% of young people selling at least one item on a smartphone app in that time, driven by the desire to make extra money
  • The Mobilepreneur revolution could generate an extra £790million in GDP and over 35,000 new jobs over the next three years, with 31,000 new businesses set to start up

For this new breed of entrepreneurs relying almost exclusively on their mobile phones, dealing with the right telecoms provider is crucial. Not only do they require great connectivity and competitive tariffs but most importantly they need a customer-focused company that will be able to accompany them as their business evolves. 

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