As the vaccine rollout gathers pace it's time for people, and business, to start to think about their post-COVID plans. 

We have spoken to many of our clients who have moved to a 'work from home solution' about their plans post lockdown and they typically fall into one of three situations:

  1. Everybody back to the office and business as usual
  2. A flexible working solution with people working from home and the office
  3. Closing the office and everyone continuing to work from home

As well as considering the well-being of your staff, any potential social distancing measures you may still need to implement, and how your clients/customers are going to be operating, below outlines some of the things to consider from a telecoms point of view as you plan your post lockdown operations:

Business as Usual

For businesses moving back to the office with plans to be business as usual, its likely everything is in place and ready to go already, however with video calling becoming the way to do business and proving so popular, it is definitely here to stay. 

Regardless of whether your staff are back in the office or not, is your office broadband going to cope with 10 staff members all online for a video call at once? Is it time to consider upgrading your broadband ready for post lockdown? 

Hybrid Working

For those planning a hybrid solution, is your current office space still fit for purpose? Do you need to down-size?  Are your systems in place to communicate with people in and out of the office?  If you are looking to relocate, have you considered the broadband and telephony setup when you get there?  Private fibre services can take months to get installed, so if you are relocating, now is the time to be looking to make sure services are installed and live ready for your return.

Working From Home Permanently

If you have already decided to work from home it's likely your systems are already in place to do this and it is just a case of shutting the doors on the office. Have you considered how to keep your business number when you cease your landline services? Or how to keep your staff communicating remotely? Is their home broadband up to speed, and what provision can you put in place to ensure it is?

Regardless of your situation, we can help with all of the above. Whether it be a quick check to advise on broadband options at a shortlist of potential new offices and arranging the move of your landline numbers, or just helping to make sure you're up to speed at your current office get in touch and we can advise on the options for you. 

Get in touch at or on 0131 3000103.