The autonomous vehicle market (aka self-driving cars) is attracting some big acquisitions:  Intel has just purchased automotive sensor specialist Mobileye for $15bn! And BMW completes the triumvirate which is defining the future of car travel. 

BMW are not newcomers to the Connected car revolution; a SIM card has been installed in every BMW since 2014 with 4G now available on 90% of the current model range.  

The Connected car market is huge, as our Ops Director, Andy Reid discusses in his article. It is predicted to be worth over $152bn by 2020; you may well have noticed that car adverts these days seem to feature their gadgets more than their engines!

Connectivity on the move is trend that we have great experience of here at 2 Circles. Machine to Machine by its nature needs internet access to communicate, and a simple SIM card is often the answer.  Have you considered how your business could benefit from being more connected? .....