We all start a new year full of hope and resolution to make it happen, and then life happens. Distractions, old habits, loss of vision of what we wanted to achieve even a few short weeks ago. 

In this article there are some great links to podcasts and articles that will help those goals to become a reality. My favourite ones are -

A) The 5 AM Miracle - many years ago, as a student who was known occasionally to get up in the winter after sunset (and only then to go to rugby training at Peffermill) I was usually seeing 5AM from the other side. The thought of getting up at 5AM to get things done was not one that would have had much traction then. Now as an employer, dad and old guy I am usually a good part of my way through my day by then, and ready to go to the gym to fight the flab. I am definitely not a natural morning person however getting up super early has been a very  effective productivity hack. 

B) The Tim Ferriss show -  Tim disects excellence in the most irreverent of ways, he takes a bit of getting used to however there is always some interesting life hacks. Ideal to listen to during a workout and usually some colourful language - so not one for the kids. My favourite Tim Ferriss interview is his one with Arnold Schwarzenegger - a brilliant listen.

C) The Action Catalyst - I worked with Rory for many years in the USA and he really is a world leader in the area of self-discipline and has done a great job of getting his brand out there. A good listen and definitely helpful from the perspective of getting back on track. 

So, if you need to get back on track with your goals for 2017, or you never quite got on track with them then the good news is that there is plenty of time left. One of my 11 year old twins came over to me early in the New Year and said; "Daddy, I have done my goals for 2017 and I have 17 of them. I am going to do 18 next year and then add one per year". He has 17 simple and fun goals that he looks at each week and is in the process of ticking off. 

I think this weekend I will follow his lead and re-write some simple goals to hit in 2017. Like in years gone by, I may be a little late, but I will make training!